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awards: any
background_verification_details: any
bank_accounts: any
bonuses: any
branch: any
certificates: any
compensation_details: any
created_at: any
custom_field_values: any
date_of_birth: any
deleted: any
department: any
dependents: any
designation: any
employee_id: any
employee_type: any
first_name: any
gender: any
government_documents: any
hired_on: any
honors: any
hr_incharge: any
id: any
joining_date: any
last_name: any
licenses: any
middle_name: any
nick_name: any
no_show: any
no_show_reason: any
official_email: any
personal_email: any
phone_numbers: any
prev_employments: any
qualifications: any
reporting_to: any
status: any
stocks: any
team: any
termination_date: any
time_off: any
updated_at: any
work_numbers: any
GenderEnum: { female: string; male: string }

Type declaration

  • female: string
  • male: string
StatusEnum: { hired: string; initiated: string; submitted: string }

Type declaration

  • hired: string
  • initiated: string
  • submitted: string


  • constructFromObject(data: any, obj: any): any
  • Constructs a NewHire from a plain JavaScript object, optionally creating a new instance. Copies all relevant properties from data to obj if supplied or a new instance if not.


    • data: any

      The plain JavaScript object bearing properties of interest.

    • obj: any

      Optional instance to populate.

    Returns any

    The populated NewHire instance.

  • initialize(obj: any): void
  • Initializes the fields of this object. This method is used by the constructors of any subclasses, in order to implement multiple inheritance (mix-ins). Only for internal use.


    • obj: any

    Returns void

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