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candidate_city?: string[]
candidate_country_code?: string[]
candidate_email?: string
candidate_first_name?: string
candidate_has_email?: boolean
candidate_last_name?: string
candidate_owner?: number[]
candidate_positions_company?: string[]
candidate_positions_title?: string[]
candidate_rating?: string[]
candidate_referred_by?: number[]
candidate_responded?: boolean
candidate_source?: number[]
candidate_source_category?: number[]
candidate_spam?: boolean
candidate_tags?: string[]
created_at?: Date
created_since?: Date
followers_id?: number[]
page?: number

Page number starting from which the response data is retrieved. Each page contains maximum 50 entries. Use this parameter to paginate results.

requisition_id?: number[]
sort?: string

Field to sort results on.

Available values : first_name, last_name, rating, created_at, updated_at.

sort_type?: string

If the sort value is specified, sort_type specifies whether the list must be sorted in ascending or descending order. If sort_type is specified with no sort value, the list is sorted based on the first_name attribute.

Valid values: asc, desc

stage?: number[]
status?: string[]

Status key

Available values : open, on_hold, rejected, archived, moved, dropped

updated_since?: Date

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