Quick start

Follow installation instructionsopen in new window to install the API SDK, and then bring the Freshteam class into scope.

const { Freshteam } = require("@freshworks/api-sdk");

const ft = new Freshteam(domain, apiKey);

Call a method, e.g., list all employees (who match a search criteria):

const employees = await ft.employees.list({ first_name: "Arthur", last_name: "Dent" });


The Freshteam class includes a static property called models. All models used by the API methods below can be accessed from there.

For example:

// Create a new EmployeeCreate model to pass to employees.create() method
const newEmp = new Freshteam.models.EmployeeCreate("Arthur", "Dent", "arthur@heartofgold.com", [300060409]);

API methods

API methods are the methods you'd interact primarily with. Each method is async and returns a Promise. So, you can either chain the method calls with .then() or call them using async/await syntax.

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