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This is Foundations Tutorials home page. Tutorials listed here provide step by step, hands on coding experience building apps on our Developer Platform. Join along with us! Let’s learn some excellent skills today!

How to Get Started

  1. Select a Tutorial: Select a tutorial that piques your curiosity. Each tutorial comes with detailed instructions, examples, and hands-on exercises to enhance your learning experience.

  2. Dive In: Follow along with the step-by-step instructions in each tutorial. Feel free to experiment, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of the topic on our community page.

Tutorials List

App development experience with Freddy Copilot for Developers
Onboard with Generative AI enabled latest app development experience with Freddy Copilot for Developers and build your first app powered by Freddy AI experience
30 min
Sept 17, 2023
Hello World! Crafting Your First Freshworks App
Begin your app development journey with our practical guide. Create from the ground up and unleash your innovation – no prior Freshworks app experience needed.
30 min
Sept 12, 2023