App submission process

To publish any app to our Marketplace, you can submit the app under one of the following app types. App types determine how an app is available for consumption to app users - publicly displayed, private only to a Freshcaller customer, listed in an external website, and so on.

Freshworks app

These apps extend the functionalities of Freshcaller and are built using the Freshworks CLI. A Freshworks app is installed from the Freshworks Marketplace. For information on how to submit a Freshworks app, see Freshworks Apps.

Custom app

These apps address specific customer requirements and are available only to that customer. A custom app is not subject to review; it is available for installation as soon as it is submitted and published. The app submission process for Custom apps includes provisions to test multiple versions of an app in a production environment. After testing, you can choose to publish the most appropriate app version to app users. For information on how to test the app versions and submit a Custom app, see Custom Apps.

External app

These apps use the Freshcaller methods and integrate the Freshcaller functionalities with a third-party product. An External App is listed in the Freshworks Marketplace but is installed from the third-party’s URL. For information on how to submit an External app, see External Apps.