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November 2023

FDK 9.0.6 Minor engineering enhancement

Freddy co-pilot enhancement: If available, the meta.json file is packed as part of the app zip file when the app is packed for submission. For information on generative AI powered app development, see Freddy co-pilot.

September 2023

FDK 9.0.5 Minor engineering enhancement

Request Method enhancements:

In requests.json, if a request call’s query parameters are defined in <requestTemplateName>.schema.query and during runtime if this is accessible, these query parameters take precedence over the parameters that might be passed as arguments of invokeTemplate(). Previously this prioritization was not defined. This has now been fixed.

Template substitutions enable the usage of variables in <requestTemplateName>.schema.host and during runtime, it was possible to populate the variable with non-secure iparam values. The variable limitation has now been relaxed for serverless and SMI apps. Variables in <requestTemplateName>.schema.host can be now populated with contextual data and non-secure iparams, for serverless and SMI apps.

August 2023

FDK 9.0.4 Minor engineering enhancement

Request Method enhancements:

When configuring request templates, if <requestTemplateName>.schema attributes contained oauth_iparams, the variables were not being populated with the corresponding oauth_iparam values. This has now been fixed and oauth_iparams can be used in template substitutions.

Previously, due to auto-encoding of the <requestTemplateName>.schema.query object, the HTTP requests that were placed using the Request Method were failing. This has been fixed.

July 2023

FDK 9.0.3 Minor engineering enhancement

Request Method enhancement: It was possible to configure up to a maximum of 50 request templates in the requests.json file. Now, the limit has been increased to 100 templates.