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  • Contains the changelogs of the current and last two months. For prior changelogs less than a year old, see the section. For older changelogs, see Dev Platform - changelog reference.

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May 2024

FDK installation using Homebrew and Chocolatey Feature enhancement

Previously, the only method for installing FDK was through NPM. Thus, developers were required to install NVM and a compatible Node.js version on their system.

Developers now have the option to use Homebrew (on macOS and Linux) and Chocolatey (on Windows) for installing the FDK along with the compatible Node.js version using a single command. This command creates a custom folder in the system and installs the necessary Node.js version and FDK in that custom folder.

For information on the steps to install FDK using Homebrew or Chocolatey, see the Install the FDK + CLI section.

April 2024

FDK 9.0.9 Minor engineering enhancement

OAuth callback enhancement: During the OAuth handshake, the callback URL could have query parameters appended to it. The query parameter product was getting added to the callback URL without verifying whether the same product value exists in the URL's query parameters. This resulted in multiple instances of the product value in the callback URL's query parameters. This issue is fixed, and the callback URLs are checked to ensure that the product value is not already present in the URL's query parameters before appending it.

New product event: The list of product events to which an app can subscribe and react has been enhanced. The onAgentCustomStatusUpdate is a new product event to which the apps can subscribe.

January 2024

FDK 9.0.8 Minor engineering enhancement

Request Method enhancement: In templated Request Method, the sanitization of <requestTemplateName>.schema.headers was being skipped. This issue has now been fixed.

ngrok version upgrade: The FDK uses ngrok to support testing External events. The ngrok version that was used has been upgraded for better performance.

December 2023

FDK 9.0.7 Minor engineering enhancement

Request Method enhancement: During local testing of apps that use the Request Method to make third-party HTTP requests, you can specify a request timeout value. You can configure a maximum of 10s as the request timeout value. This maximum limit was not being recognised. The issue has now been fixed.