Configure onConversationCreate


When a reply or note is added to a ticket, the onConversationCreate event is invoked and the registered callback method is executed.

The supported conversation create events are:

  • Reply added
  • Public note added
  • Private note added

Subscribe to the onConversationCreate event and register the callback by using the following sample manifest.json content.

"events": {
  "onConversationCreate": {
    "handler": "onConversationCreateCallback"

Define the corresponding callback by using the following sample server.js content:

exports = {
  onConversationCreateCallback: function(payload) {
    console.log("Logging arguments from onConversationCreate event: " + JSON.stringify(payload));

Attributes of the data object

  • actorobject

    Information pertaining to the system, agent, or requester who triggered the onConversationCreate event in the Freshservice system.

  • conversationobject

    Information pertaining to the conversation when the onConversationCreate event is triggered in the Freshservice system.