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Welcome to the Freshworks developer community, (If you haven’t already signed up to join our community, now is a great time to do that!)

We are super excited to have you aboard and look forward to working with you on an equally exciting journey on the Freshworks Developer Platform!

This learning module is designed to help you along on your first few milestones of this journey. We will start with what Freshworks offers to developers like yourself on its modern SaaS platform and how organizations use the apps built on this platform. We will also explore app development on the platform from a bird’s eye view and point you to valuable resources to build your first couple of apps. We will then leave you with the foundational resources that will help you become a pro-Freshworks App developer with solid fundamentals of our platform. Fasten your seatbelts!

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Advanced ticketing support across web, email, and social.
Modern, Intuitive, and cost-effective IT service management
Sell smarter and close faster with a sales-focussed CRM