The service_ticket module introduction

We do not place any restrictions on the number of modules your app can work with or the compatibility of modules with each other. In your app manifest, along with this module, you can include any module that you deem fit for your use case.

What kind of apps can you build for this module?

App building capabilities (For this module, can you build…)
... a front-end app?... a serverless app?... a full-stack SMI app?

Who can access an app built for this module?

An app user with any of the following:

  • A stand-alone Freshservice subscription.
  • A subscription to any SKU that has Freshservice as one of the products.

For more information, see the SKUs and SKU subscriptions section.

Fundamental interfaces

From our Developer toolkit, what are the fundamental tools that you can use to build an app for this module?

To build an app for this module, you can use the following front-end interfaces and serverless events.