Building AI-powered Freshworks App


This section, we assume that you have all the prerequisites as mentioned in previous steps. If not done already, kindly do the needful to ensure you have an active workspace with prerequisites configured correctly.

Welcome to the heart of this tutorial, where we'll guide you through the exhilarating process of creating a Bitly URL shortener app using Freddy Copilot. Here, you'll witness the remarkable synergy between your ideas and AI-powered development. We'll explore the innovative 'Use Case to App' feature, allowing you to articulate your vision while Freddy Copilot translates it into code.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to the game, you'll find this section both enlightening and empowering. So, let's roll up our sleeves, embrace the future of app creation, and bring your app to life, effortlessly and efficiently!

Building Bitly URL shortner App using Use case to App feature


This tutorial is designed using Freddy Copilot for Developers version v2.0.2. The generated code is subject to change based on user prompt used and version of Freddy Copilot for Developers being used as it is currently under beta program.

In this section we will learn how to build, validate, test, deploy, and apply updates to a the app. Master each step to create a functional and efficient app for your needs with different use cases and prompts.

  1. Open Visual Studio Code, click on "Freddy Copilot for Developers"

  2. Once visible, click on "Start Building from scratch". Once clicked it will prompt for New Empty Folder name. By default the folder will get created in user_home directory (~/).

  3. Type the folder name, it will be used as app name going forward. Once entered it will open up a new VS Code window with the newly created folder as current workspace.

  4. Click on "Start Building from scratch" again. Once clicked it will prompt for product selection for which the app is to be built. Select the product as "Freshdesk".

  5. Enter the use case definition in the text box, once prompted for and click "Submit". For this app the use case definition is

    I want a bitly app that is available to the side of every ticket. On clicking the button, use bitly api to shorten the url and display the shortened url on the UI.
  6. Freddy will try to infer the use case and come up with the placeholder suitable for the app.

  7. Wait for completion of app generation, once completed you will see the "App Created Successfully" message. It will take roughly 2 minutes


Plceholder is not editable at the time of generation, however can be updated later by modifying manifest.json.