What's next?

Congratulations on successfully building a custom Bitly URL shortener app with Freddy Copilot for Developers! You've unlocked the potential of AI-assisted development and created a valuable tool that enhances productivity and efficiency.

Now that you have witnessed the power of Freddy, let's explore what lies ahead in your journey as a developer:

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Freddy Copilot Prompt Playbook
Discover how to use prompt-based AI interactions to supercharge your app development, and elevate your app-building experience.

Use case repository

Building a custom app with Freddy Copilot is just the beginning. As part of our efforts to improve the developer experience and provide more revenue streams, we are pleased to share the list of popular use cases that our customers are looking forward to. Here are the popular Use cases requested by our customers. You can choose the use case from it, provide solution as a paid app and starting earning revenue.

Your journey as a developer is filled with endless opportunities and challenges, and Freddy Copilot is your trusted companion along the way. So, what's next on your path to app development excellence? Let's keep building, innovating, and making a difference!