Let us clearly understand the goal in this section. Octocat Service app should be able to do the following.

  1. Know the current ticket that the user is viewing
  2. A button interface creates an issue on the specified GitHub repository specified by the user during the app configuration page. Of course, App should avoid duplicates.
  3. An option to open a modal for the ticket user is currently viewing. If it is associated with GitHub Issue already, the modal should display few details from the Issue in the modal.


  1. We will use the Data Method feature to get the context information from the current ticket details page that the user is viewing.
  2. Since App creates an issue in a GitHub repository, GitHub needs to trust the app and authenticate it. Therefore, We will use the OAuth2.0 feature to do this.
  3. Finally, we will use the Request Method to make API calls and populate the User Interface in the app.