Getting Started with Freddy Copilot for Developers

Whether you're new to app development or an experienced coder, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to accelerate your app-building journey using Freddy Copilot for Developers.

What is Freddy Copilot for Developers?

It is a generative AI-powered Visual Studio Code extension that is seamlessly integrated into the Freshworks app development ecosystem. It is designed to speed up the app development process and to convert your ideas into functional apps in matter of hours.

It empowers developers with chat-based learning, design-to-code conversion, productivity-enhancing features, and more, revolutionizing the app development experience.

Feature overview

Here's what Freddy brings to the table:

Core Features

  • Use Case to Code: Freddy can transform your use cases directly into functional code. This feature is designed to accelerate the development process by translating your requirements into functional app.
  • Design to Code: Convert your Figma designs and images into code effortlessly. Simply provide your design file or image, and Freddy will produce the corresponding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • **Automated Migration Assistant **: Migrate your existing Freshworks applications to newer platform versions with ease. Freddy Copilot assists in adapting and refactoring your application code to suit the new platform upgrades.
  • Conversation to Code: Similar to most Generative AI tools, Freddy can convert your conversational inputs into functional code. This is useful for brainstorming or getting quick code snippets as well as learning nuances of Freshworks platform with ease.

Productivity Tools

  • Generate Docs: Automatically generate documentation for selected code of your Freshworks app.
  • Generate Unit Test Cases: Create unit test cases for your code to ensure reliability and correctness.
  • Review Code: Freddy can review your code and suggest improvements or refactoring opportunities.
  • Security Checks: Perform security checks on your existing code to identify and fix vulnerabilities.

App Lifecycle Management Options

  • Run App: Start your Freshworks app directly from within VS Code.
  • Stop App: Stop a running Freshworks app with one click.
  • Pack and Publish App: Package your Freshworks app and publish it directly to the Freshworks App Management Portal.

And that's just the beginning! Freddy Copilot for Developers is here to simplify your development journey, boost your productivity, and empower you to create exceptional Freshworks apps effortlessly.