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Dynamic Installation Pages
In this tutorial, let us see how iparam callbacks can be used to enhance validation and make the standard installation parameters (iparams.json) much more dynamic. This approach cuts the need for custom installation parameters and leverages the simplicity and robustness of standard iparams out of the box
Updated Aug 20, 2020
Introduction To Unit Tests For Serverless Apps
This tutorial introduces you to writing unit tests for freshworks serverless apps by using the FDK's built-in test framework based on mochaJs.
Updated Aug 20, 2020
Routing automation in Freshcaller with Custom Actions
In this tutorial, let us see how routing automation works in Freshcaller using Custom Actions. We will see a couple of use-cases to cover how the customers can be routed faster to the right team without IVR and how a response can be sent from the real-time data to respond to customer's requests.
Updated Sep 17, 2020
Simple GitHub integration using OAuth, Data Storage, Notifications
In this tutorial, we will learn to use some of the frequently used platform-features such as Data Storage,Request methods, Notifications, OAuth, Installation Parameters, and UI Modals/Dialogs.
Updated Aug 21, 2020
Build your first Freshworks app
This tutorial focuses on creating an app that helps developers get accustomed to the advanced features of the Freshworks platform. In this segment, we will develop an app that creates a ticket in Freshdesk based on user input.
Updated Aug 21, 2020
Build your first Freshworks serverless app
This tutorial introduces you to advanced serverless features to create backend apps for freshworks products.
Updated Aug 21, 2020
Introduction to Freshworks Developer Platform
The Freshworks Developer Platform primarily enables developers to build apps that can run within the context of a Freshworks product, and thus tailor the product experience for users from both the front-end and the back-end.
Updated Aug 21, 2020
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